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About Us


To train legal professionals able to meet the challenges of modern society.

To promote understanding of basic legal theory through academic seminars which are held regularly and law publications published for our students.

Through collaboration with communities, organizations, junior high schools, and elementary schools, our students achieve first-rate learning effectiveness by offering legal consulting and legal education services.


Concepts such as Fair Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law and other financial and economic subjects are taught in addition to the general courses of the department.

Learning is put into practice through active participation in the community by offering legal consultation and legal education services.

Commitment to quality instruction: All lectures, tutorials, and after-school instruction are conducted by our full-time faculty rather than teaching assistants, as is the practice of other schools.

Prospects for the Future

Future careers:

Our graduates are employed by law firms, legal divisions of enterprises, government departments, universities, and more. Further education: Many of our graduates go on for postgraduate training in such areas as financial law, technology law, crime prevention and corrections, politics, labor, national development, and relations with mainland China.

Licenses and certificates:

Our graduates are prepared to take the license or certificate tests to become judges, lawyers, clerks, land administration agents, and finance personnel or professionals of related fields.