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Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Plan
Department of Law, Aletheia University







Course Title

Course Title

Course Title

Course Title


General Principles of Civil Law

General Principles of Civil Obligations

Civil Procedural Law

Conflict of Laws

General Principles of Criminal Law

Property Law

Criminal Procedural Law

Fair Trade Law

Constitutional Law

Criminal Law

Administrative Procedures Act

Compulsory Execution Law

Introduction to Law

Family Law

Particular Kinds of Civil Obligations

Family Act

Copyright Law

Company Law

Insurance Law

Consumer Protection Law

Legal Englis

Inheritance Law

Securities Exchange Law


Patent Law

Negotiable Instruments Law

Maritime Law

study of Criminal Law

Law of Court Organization

drafting of legal documents

Arbitration Law

Government Procurement Law

Principle of Common Law

Administrative Law

Finance and Trust Law

Practice (organ)


Trade Mark Law

Anglo-American Law of Contracts

Practice (organ)


Public International Law

Introduction to Labor Law and Social Welfare Law

Internet Law

Tax Law


Jurisprudence and Method

Enforcement Rules for State Compensation Law

study of Civil Code

Criminal policy

Medical Law

Practice (organ)

Introduction to Public Law

Non-Contentious Matter Law

Land Laws and Regulations



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