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Core Competence

Educational goals

1.In response to the needs of the modern industrial society,cultivating a talent of legal expertise. 

2.Students with future employment、National basis and employing the personnel of law-depth study. 
3.The student must attend the General Department of Law Course,Grant graduated LL.B. 
4.Law Symposium held regularly and published special issue,enhance students' legal theory. 

5.In conjunction with communities, organizations, schools,provide legal advice and legal education services.

 Teaching Features

1.The General Department of the Faculty of Law courses open grant,another strengthen the Fair Trading Act、 And other intellectual property laws FINANCE law related subjects. 
2.The teaching and strict elimination system,strengthen academic and life counseling.    
3.Combined with Community,provide legal advice and legal education services.
4.Full-time teachers teaching and counseling students are personally teaching、Academic counseling and guidance book club,Unlike hisSchool for assistant coaching. Therefore, this line between full-time teachers and classmates deep emotion,Whether on schoolwork or life。

5.The Department of Finance Credits Program of Legal Affairs Program of creation,and hospital departments with the Institute of Finance,provide employment to the direction of a more diversified financial services. 
6.Settings Module,It provides students with systematic and gradual learning.

Basic literacy 

Ability to observe social phenomena 
The ability to self-improvement and sophistication 
Communication and teamwork 
Information gathering and analysis capability

epartment core competencies

Basic legal competence 
Enterprise legal capacity 
Legal Ethics and Professional attitude Ability

Integration Department

1.Founded double major, auxiliary line system.   
2.In cooperation with the Faculty of Liberal school, integrate academic resources.   
3.Recruit teachers of the relevant Department, the Faculty of Law to reinforce itself insufficient.

Employment direction

1.To participate in the Registry, sheriff, public officer exam and Lands disabilities, real estate agents, lawyers & hellip; and other special skills exam.

2.Applicants financial institutions, the business community and law firm legal staff.

3.Primary and secondary schools as civil, social and other legal subjects teachers.

4.As representatives of the Legal Assistant

5.He served as assistant judges and other law firm Legal Assistant…

6.As a public benefit corporation Foundation legal services, legal arbitration institution full-time staff.

Refresher training conduit pipe

1.Apply, apply for foreign-related legal research institute to study.

2.Apply, apply for domestic research institute legal education.


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